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No matter be,still be in in winter burning hot summer, chaffy dish is more welcome, nevertheless this plants chaffy dish food is not to suit gouty patient edible, know tall purine food will be aggravating gouty illness, but most food contains purine, the problem that how much just is content, because be made by a variety of food and chaffy dish is become, so purine is met very tall, so what is chaffy dish purine?

What is chaffy dish purine
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The first, what is chaffy dish purine? The purine of chaffy dish has two source, it is chaffy dish soup purine is contained originally in the bottom. There is clear soup on market now, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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, by all sorts of boiler such as chicken broth. Because bottom of clear soup boiler has Bai Shui, green, ginger, medlar to wait only, the purine content of soup itself is low arrive negligible not plan, suit to need to control the person of uric acid most. Tomato stockpot bottom joined ketchup raw material, it is a kind of low purine feeds capable person, do not affectForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The purine content of soup, but in the affiliation agent that add delicacy sure contain purine. So, its purine content will be higher than clear soup, but still can accept.

What is chaffy dish purine

The 2nd, fungus is plant sex purine is contained in food taller feed capable person. With many Xian Jun and the boiling water that do bacterium to boil, can contain not little purine. Bacterium stockpot bottom suits to need to control the deadbeat of uric acid not quite. And bottom of stockpot of piscine soup, broth, chicken broth, bone is completely unwell the person that combines acid of control make water. In because be being boiled,controlling a process, meeting dissolve goes to the purine in fish, flesh, chicken Shang Zhong, plus may add among them have a variety of dressing that add delicacy, purine content makes a person afraid. The itself purine content such as the vegetable in acerbity stockpot bottom, chili is low, but after fermenting, purine content can lift somewhat. Normally bottom of this kind of soup also is metShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Join the dressing that add delicacy, so purine content although broth of be not a patch on kind boiler bottom, but ground of boiler of meeting comparing clear soup is apparently some higher.

What is chaffy dish purine

The 2nd origin of the purine in chaffy dish is to feed the purine in material to go out in the dissolve in the process of rinse in entering chaffy dish boiling water. Because of purine easy dissolve at water, heat to be able to destroy cellular structure again, in the process that boiling so, purine can enter Shang Li ceaselessly.

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Be at ease, the person that should control uric acid can consult the following proposal: By boiler of first selection clear soup. If a kind of taste is drab, can consider to increase tomato boiler base. Little material appropriate picks raw material of greengrocery of and so on of chopped green onion, caraway, celery more. Food of Shen Xuangao purine. When the choice feeds capable person, appropriate chooses more fresh vegetable, potato kind, cooperate a few flesh kind, fish. Delicacy of seafood, river and splanchnic had better not choose. Control rinse cooks time. Livestock meat, birds flesh reachs the food with the purine faster content such as aquatic product, 6-10 had better be boiled in clear soup minute again edible. Rinse flesh wants before it is too late. In begin 15 minutes complete rinse flesh work.

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