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A lot of people are getting costive worry, it have a few kinds of multitudes is the easiest to have a few kinds of multitudes occurrence constipation, it is age is compared above all1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Old old person, it is the female of gestation and lactation next, the patient that still has long-term lie in bed appears easily also constipation, besides, some people can appear in the life chronic constipation, the method that treats constipation now fortunately is very much, besides should drink water more besides, can eat a few fruits and vegetable more, so drink black tea to you can treat constipation?

Can black tea treat constipation?

Can black tea treat constipation?

Black tea can help gastric bowel digest, appetitive, but diuresis, eliminate oedema, function of strong heart. American cardiology once can reach black tea is ” contain a lot ofcan eliminate freedom radical, have the yellow ketone compound that fights acidification actionA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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one of beverage, can make the incidence of a disease of miocardial infarction is reduced ” conclusion.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, tea also divides chills and fever, for example green tea belongs to bitter cold, suit summer to drink, use at disappear heat; Black tea, Pu’er tea slants lukewarm, suit a winter relatively drinkable. 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In winter stomach easy uncomfortable, glacial melon and fruit eats too much feel unwell person, can black tea drinks add black candy, ginger piece, take the advantage of tepid slowly drinkable, have raise a stomachNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Effect, the body will be more comfortable, but do not suggest to drink glacial black tea.

Can black tea treat constipation?

1, tea of black soya bean: Black soya bean is thought to have favorable embellish bowel effect in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, because it contains a lot ofprandial fiber, can have the effect of excrement and urine of lubricant intestines and stomach, bate, make defecate more smooth. In addition, black soya bean still can improve haemal circulation, maintain the skin wet, autumn is dry season is much a bit blacker because of,tea of black soya bean can prevent more inside body dry brought constipation and skin dry, Sao is urticant. If had formed constipation, when also can drinking tea inside put clever water of a few big and thick revive candy, not only what the mouthfeel of tea can change is very good, and clever water of big and thick revive candy is from improvement bowel core condition, dynamic of stimulative bowel path restores to solve constipation.

2, Job’s tears tea: Job’s tears is in in ancient time commonly used be made at the medicinal food and in prescriptionFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, it can activation nephritic function, the water of the corner inside stimulative body divides eduction, remove oedema and moisture. To one part moisture metabolization circulates not for the person of beautiful, easy constipation, drink Job’s tears tea to avoid dry and aperient effect bestForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Did not pass!

Can black tea treat constipation?

3, oolong: Oolong is one kind ferments partly tea, it can be restrained adipose absorb, promote adipose decompose, drinkable oolong has the effect of similar medicinal food, drinkable oolong effect is better after eating a stodge to pass especially, not only the effect that can have dirt of the solution that blow oil, also can prevent human body effectively to had absorbed greasily fat.

4, definitely pine torch tea: Tortoise of intestines peristalsis function, (especially fat the person that be on a diet is on a diet during reducing weight) constellation is accumulated easily inside body, cause constipation. Recommend drinkable decide pine torch tea

5, green tea; Drink green tea medicable also constipation. Green tea is to be a person in last few years the drink of preserve one’s health of take delight in talking about, because its contain a lot ofthe antioxidant catechu phenol of powerful effect and vitamin C, not only can keep clear of the freedom inside body base, still can make suprarenal and coriaceous those who secrete antagonism insecurity pressure is hormonal, the person that often gets online can want to be drunk more. Nevertheless, a few caffein that contain in green tea can stimulate central nervous, exciting, reason is best days is drinkable, lest affect Morpheus.

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