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Medlar of honey of balsam pear banana feeds capable person 4 kinds this is commonner in the life, they have their nutrient value place, especially honey very get female friendA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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love, because honey is OK,basically be hairdressing is raised colour, and banana is to be able to alleviate constipation and connect intestines and stomach, balsam pear is to be able to fall fire, medlar conduces to enrich the blood, put these 4 kinds together so edible, can use their nutrient value very well, but should know how to be made.

Medlar of honey of balsam pear banana

Preparation feeds capable person:

Balsam pear, banana, honey, medlar, refined salt


1. gets ready above all feed capable person, balsam pear, honey right amount, banana, clean balsam pear clean, bicephalous cut away, with the tool balsam pear inside do film and balsam pear flesh scrape (action: ? Source of tip of た of flatter of summer of コ  rostellum cracks? of bridle of eye of department of rostellum of the swiftly that take an examination of Tuo. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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A few boiled water are heated in 2. boiler, water of balsam pear scald unloads after water leaves, put a few refined salt again (put salt to be able to remove balsam pear colour and lustre to shine colourfully at this moment beautiful action) , scald water when cross hot water fish out a little can, time is too long brought about balsam pear easily to lose the gust nutrition with due itself. Fish out hind crosses cold water.

Medlar of honey of balsam pear banana

3. pan perhaps prepares a salver to pour a few honey, banana flay wipes a place of strategic importance of a honey to enter balsam pear inside.

After 4. has filled in, cut balsam pear into exceed chip. (Balsam pear section when must cut exceed chip, balsam pear piece those who cut is thinner, the acrid talent of balsam pear is enough better release come)

5. is final a balsam pear that has cut piece two sides besmears a honey, a balsam pear puts a medlar to be made finished.

Balsam pear has system of thin body fine, clear heat is alexipharmic, have reduce blood sugar, adjust the special function such as hematic fat, can clear hot weather falls hot, raise liver bright eye, filling kidney is strong waist, alexipharmic happy god, except irritated stop thirsty! Adjust hematic fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, prevent arteriosclerosisShanghai Long Feng forum

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Medlar of honey of balsam pear banana

The usage: of balsam pear? Does benzene mail ⒖ of ぁ of Wu of human skeleton of chart of balance deceive ⒅  of Qun of Yan of Zhuo of ⒎ of  of fir blame person?

Can help the following crowd: Blood sugar on the high side, easy exhaustion, give abnormal sweating due to general debility. Weight exceeds bid, food passes fat or heatstroke of the person that often eat quick meal is calorific, flu, ill disease, the person that eye bare aches, body empty has hot eye disease and weak of lienal empty body.

: of small brain truster? The colour that uncover ┮ and Wu of bad Na Song of extensive naevus melt it contains bright? enough fiber, and itself1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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It is food of a kind of tall nutrition, low caloric, can be at ease edible, balsam pear and yam all have reduce weight, fall the effect of blood sugar, take together can increase reduce weightForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Discharge poisonous effect, pink of constant drink balsam pear returns the skin problem such as medicable blain blain, right secrete is very effective also.

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