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One to the summer a lot of people are overcome, especially dog days, persistent high temperature can bring symptom of a lot of unwell to the body. Learn in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in, wintry ill summer is treated is a kind of very effective treatment method, the hiemal can be treated through a few methods in dog days a few diseases, those who because the disease arises,reduce people hiemal time is painful. What soup dispel is drunk to the dog days below everybody introduction below wet effect is best.

Dog days drinks what soup dispel wet

One, dog days drinks boiling water of tremella of lotus seed of lily red jujube

Material: Tremella 2, lily is right amount, lotus seed is right amount, medlar is right amount, rock candy is right amount.

Practice: Tremella is put into cold water bubble is soft, abluent take out, rip small; bright lily to pare piece, water of bubble of abluent; medlar 5 minutes, red jujube of dry; of fish out, drop, lotus seed is abluent reserve. The water in arenaceous boiler, put tremella, red jujube, lotus seed, bright lily, medlar according to foreword. This soup about BaoLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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One half hours or so, till Shang Zhilue is small ropy, tremella is transparent can, right amount crystal sugar is put after Bao makes a hour (how much does the quantity of rock candy put to depend on) of each one taste, next again Bao 20-30 minute can.

Tips: Make in Bao after crystal sugar is being put in the process, should churn constantly soup juiceForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, lest stick a bottom. The time that Bao soup needs small fire to be boiled slow namely ability is OK the soup that Bao has given drink.

Effect: Tremella, lotus seed, lily is cool sex, suit the weather with torrid summer, and red jujube is hot sex, can go up in certain level again can alleviate the cold attribute of this soup, drank also do not hurt a body. Additional, drink this not simply can anneal beneficial is angry, still can help carry brace up spirit.

Dog days drinks what soup dispel wet

2, dog days drinks boiling water of head of fish of towel gourd bean curd

Material: Towel gourd one jin, fresh fish head, bean curd 4, ginger 3.

Practice: By the side of towel gourd chamfer, abluent head of fish of; of the form that cut corner is abluent, bean curd of; of incision both sides is washed slightly with clear water. Put piscine head and ginger Bao in, infuse is right amount roll water, flourishing fire Bao ten minutes, put bean curd and towel gourd, bao of reoccupy slow fire 15 minutes, flavor edible.

Effect: Qing Dynasty heats up have diarrhoea fire, raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, cool blood is alexipharmic, clean skin eliminates class speck, connect main and collateral channels, expectorant.

3, dog days drinks boiling water of fish of crucian carp of bright lotus leaf of old wax gourd

Material: Wax gourdOnFall in love with the sea

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800 grams, bright lotus leaf 12, umbellate pore fungus, lustre have diarrhoea each 15 grams, rice of hyacinth bean, Yi each 20 grams, crucian carp fish 1, pork 50 grams, ginger 3.

Practice: Each soup makings is abluent, material of Chinese traditional medicine of; of wax gourd stripping and slicing immerses fish of; crucian carp is slaughtered abluent, issue made of baked clay Bao with pork, ginger, add clear water 3000 milliliter () of about 12 bowls of quantities, high heat changes slow fire Bao to make an appointment with two half hours after Bao boil, next salt but.

Effect: Wax gourd has disappear hot weather wet, raise gastric juice, cleanse dirty, the result of water of disappear carbuncle, travel, detumescence. Lotus leaf has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, rise the effect with this world that send Qing Dynasty, cool hemostatic blood, commonly used at hotly wet have loose bowels of irritated thirsty, heat. Umbellate pore fungus can diuresis ooze is wet, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Lustre have diarrhoea can wet, Qing Dynasty heats up make water of dispel irrigation works, ooze, crucian carp fish benefits and be good at lienal benefit wet, Wenzhong is appetizing, invigorate the circulation of blood knows the energy of life below subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, Wen Zhong. Deserve to be soup, distinct benefit with rice of hyacinth bean, Yi again goluptious, clear heat sees hot weather, be good at lienal dispel is wet,

Dog days drinks what soup dispel wet

4, dog days drinks boiling water of duck of Bao of wax gourd the seed of Job’s tears

Material: Duck wing 350 grams, the seed of Job’s tears 50 grams, wax gourd 300 grams, ginger 2, citric half (or cooking wine is right amount) , sweet green 2, salt is right amount.

Practice: Duck wing pours hematic water with cold water. With half lemon juice (or cooking wine) souse 10 minutes, the seed of Job’s tears shifts to an earlier date 1 hour abluent bubble is good reserve. The water of duck wing scald that has bloated. Ginger flay section reserves. 1500ML cold water and Jiang Pian are joined in earthenware pot, after water is burned, join duck wing and the seed of Job’s tears, withShanghai night net

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Small fire involves after big baked wheaten cake leaves. Bao 1 hour. Wax gourd is abluent, need not flay. Cut chunk, put into duck soup to continue to boil 30 minutes, join salt to flavor, involve fire can.

Effect: Wax gourd but clear hot weather is alexipharmic, the seed of Job’s tears has be good at lienal go to wet, beauty the result of white detumescence, duck flesh has method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise the effect of detumescence of water of stomach, benefit. Dog days drinks boiling water of duck of Bao of wax gourd the seed of Job’s tears, flavour Qing Tianxiang is thick, not only Qing Dynasty heats up the effect with wet dispel of heat of alexipharmic, disappear, also raise a stomach colour.

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