(Sohu sports Guo Jian was sent on April 28 from Beijing) ” 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games prepares for war working extre新上海贵族宝贝论坛

mely urgent, our target is, man ice hockey gains Olympic Games competence, have good performance, woman ice ho上海千花网

ckey seizes a card to contend for gold, summit of return world summit, ” club of Hong Xingbing ball initiates the Beijing Kunlun that by national sports total bureau in what hold today association of ice hockey of winter sports management center, China and China International culture transmit central subordinate jointly ” battalion of choose of 2017 China ice hockey ” the ceremonially that start, wang Zhili of vice director of winter sports management center made clear national sports total bureau external first Chinese team the target on 2022 Olympic Winter Gameses. Female ice of the China before this once obtained the 4th result on long 1998 wild Olympic Winter Games, regrettablly after this achievement glides, already successive two (all alone agree, smooth prosperous) the Olympic Winter Games that do not have a predestined relationship.


Zhili is used ” a day when have milepost style sense on phylogeny of motion of Chinese ice hockey ” will clarify the historical sense of this second choose battalion. It is reported, choose battalion will come was started formally at center of ice hockey of inter上海夜网论坛

national of small wolf of star of Beijing Kunlun grand on May 1 on April 28, reach the group of nation of male and female that gives new first phase for Chinese choose national youth group, attend match of ice hockey of of all kinds international on behalf of China. By a definite date of battalion of choose of this ice hockey 4 days, will elect a man respectively grown group, man youth group, woman manhood group, woman youth group in all 4 teams; More than 120 players that choose invites arrival to breath out Er and other places from Harbin, Qi Qi in all and come from 8 abroad players to attend.

“This we opened wide a country the gate of name team, choose mechanism and before the change that produced essential sex, ” Wang Zhili vice director is being accepted when interviewing, express, “Can obtain exceedingly good result to assure national group in addition, we and Kunlun grand star made the coach group of a 38 people, have 6 domestic trains among them. Still built the safeguard group of a 68 people at the same time, in order to ensure Chinese ice hockey can obtain certain development and result in the shortest time. In order to ensure Chinese ice hockey can obtain certain development and result in the shortest time..

As we have learned, always attend the ice hockey athlete of choose battalion activity, no matter final whether can selected nation group, can get association of Chinese ice hockey is offerred a series of grooming communication takes part in the match opportunity. “Current, association of Chinese ice hockey is participated in in the support of national sports total bureau and social all circles be上海龙凤论坛

low, already established relationship of long-term and friendly collaboration with the many states institute such as Russia, United States, Canada, Czech, Finland, and will at next year, many ice hockey school is established inside alive bound limits, hold of all kinds groom communication activity. We also will from these players in, team member of first consideration select, send toward friendly country to participate in local profession league matches, offer go abroad take advanced courses, outside example opportunity, strive for raise a level quickly, ” Wang Zhili emphasizes in the speech.

After ending this second choose, association of Chinese ice hockey informs selected player came 21 days to build up first on May 10 one by one, have the side such as mil阿拉爱上海同城

itary training, physical ability groom. Came on May 21 this batch of team member will be garrisoned on June 16 national group trains battalion. Came 12 days on June 5, association of Chinese ice hockey will undertake choose of Chinese ice hockey the 2nd round in Toronto, the key inspects the Chinese player that go to school or plays a ball game in North America, include Chinese player, and the domestic player that does not have there’s still time to attend choose the first round. Be in twice this after choose, association of Chinese ice hockey will build organizational system of group of youth of woman of team of woman of group of whole national male group, national man youth, country, country.

On July 1, 3 team build up set out undertake abroad zip, team of woman of its China home is provisional be in the United States, national male group is provisional in Czech and Finland, group of man U20 youth is in Latvian with Finland. The contest before abroad zip and season reachs continuance in August.

On July 1, group of woman U18 youth heads for American Boston, group of man U18 youth heads for Canadian Toronto, permanent trains and attend local league matches. Since September, male team plays Russia VHL of league matches of super ice hockey, man youth group plays MHL of league matches of Russia youth ice hockey. Will rise in October, woman team enters a whole world the CWHL of league matches of ice hockey of allied Canada woman of top level. (Sohu sports Guo Jian / civil)

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