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On the world can the shrimp breed of edible has a lot of, and the appearance of shrimp of avery kind of and mouthfeel are different, among them one kind calls Lai make water shrimp. Because it is caught in people,calling Lai make water shrimp is when, its abdomen can blast off give a kind of liquid. And the mouthfeel of shrimp of Lai make water and common shrimp are a little different also, among them shrimp of make water of Bai Zhuo Lai is a cooked food that many people like to eat, todayShanghai Long Feng forum

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Explain the method of shrimp of make water of Bai Zhuo Lai for everybody.

 Shrimp of make water of Bai Zhuo Lai

With makings



Lai uric shrimp 1 jin

Green Duan Re is dry

Ginger silk / Jiang Pian is right amount

Fold edits paragraph of practice

1.Buy, wash clean.

2.In boiler, put half bowls of water, boil, put ginger, with a few green paragraph boil together.

3.Water boil puts shrimp of Lai make water, fast ripe when put salt right amount, a few pepper.

4.Can go up very quickly dish. Sincerity is simple and delicious.

 Shrimp of make water of Bai Zhuo Lai

Of shrimp of Lai make water delicate always be cannot help doing sth letting a person, but a lot of seldom the friend that has seafood understands not quite how shrimp of make water of Lai of choose and buy. Want to savor the delicious taste of shrimp of savor Lai make water, besides should know outside cookingForum of Shanghai night net

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, the most important is to should know how the shrimp with high grade choose and buy. Below, introduce the skill of choose and buy of shrimp of Lai make water for you!

1, generally speaking, the shrimp of Lai make water with the head and body close connection is fresher. From the point of bulk, a lot of people’s inertial meeting chooses big shrimp, actually, shrimp of a lot of small Lai make water more fat, especially small mother shrimp, although small, but the flesh is stronger path.

 Shrimp of make water of Bai Zhuo Lai

2, hold shrimp body with the hand, shrimp of high grade and fresh Lai make water is held rise the flesh is very strong, show viridescence scene, glisten below sunshine.

3, discern cream yellow is simpler also, need only its back to the light, be like can clearly see end of head of vertical follow in a continuous line of a black mark, it is top grade namely.

4, mother shrimpShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Should compare fair shrimp more delicious, generally speaking, the mother’s build is done not have fair big, neck place of the mother can have a white ” king ” word, fair there is respectively below big claw fine fine small claw.

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5, in addition, still can see shrimp head, if shrimp head is fatigued and weak, that is not fresh shrimp. OK still the claw from shrimpSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The face looks, the shrimp with aglow claw also is Biedermeier, paly ability is good shrimp.

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